Ab Jetzt Wird Alles Anders.

Barbara Benson is a veteran’s veteran in commercial production. Her client list includes Dos Equis: “The Most Interesting Man In The World”, Nike, Adidas, GEICO, AT&T, Johnnie Walker, FIFA EA Games, Michelob, Nationwide, and many others. 

When Covid-19 started its rampage, she had a thought: who the hell would she call to help navigate this new Terra Incognita? This new, threatening landscape?

She couldn’t think of anybody, so she built a new solution: ProtokolZERO.

For years, you’ve trusted her with your productions, your clients, and your reputations. She has hand-picked the seasoned professionals on her team. You can trust her with this.

Don’t worry. Just call her. As you always have. For Austrian Perfection.

Jesse Benson is a commercial, film & television production designer with experience in Los Angeles, New York, Hamburg, Munich, Berlin, St. Moritz, Cologne, Prague, Vienna, Barcelona, London, Mexico City, the Bahamas, Portland, Vancouver, B.C., Atlanta and Savannah, GA. He works on the design and execution of job-specific plans, maps, systems, equipment, wayfinding and department-specific Covid solutions.

Ab Jetzt Wird Alles Anders.

From now on, everything will be different.

ProtokolZERO LLC